Abu Dhabi Mobility Week

For Tomorrow

24 April - 01 May / 2024

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Until industry-leading pioneers descend on Abu Dhabi.

AD Mobility
Week 2024

Abu Dhabi Mobility Week is set to be a cornerstone event in the digital era, aiming to redefine the future of transportation through innovation, technology, and collaboration. Our vision is to unveil the potential of digital transformation in mobility, encouraging the adoption of smart technologies and promoting Abu Dhabi as a hub for mobility innovation. The end goal is ambitious yet clear: to pave the way for a sustainable, interconnected, and technologically advanced future in transportation.


Empowering tomorrow’s mobility innovations  

Join innovators, investors, disruptors, technologists, regulators, industry pioneers and government officials and shape the future of mobility.

Abu Dhabi

A diverse and globally connected city, the capital of the United Arab Emirates is home to more than 200 nationalities. It is an aspiring global financial centre, a growing innovation hub, a leading energy producer, and a world-class tourist destination and cultural centre. Find out more: